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Subscribe to our weekly (7 calendar days) Platinum subscription and receive our ΒΤ1 & BT2 Keyword tips (21 tips/week) daily via email!

BT1- Single Bet tip (final match result or Under/Over or G/G-N/G) with an odd close or over 1/1.  This is your major bet of the day. The perfect way to double your bet!
BT2-2 Bet Comb0(final match results or Under/Over or G/G-N/G) with a combined odd value of over 2/1. You can also use them as standard bets in a system.

By calculating the daily cost of the BT1 & BT2 Keyword purchase via  SMS, if you subscribe to our weekly Platinum Subscription you will earn a 40,47% discount!

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